Budget Better in 2015 with Templates

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 30, 2015

With tax season approaching and the New Year moving forward, many are working hard to create and maintain a balanced budget. Whether its college expenses, travel savings, or family spending tracking, most everyone is managing their money somehow. While some rely on accountants, banking tools, or even handwritten ledgers to track their spending, TemplateHaven has created more options for people to control their money.

The website focuses on bringing pre-made Excel templates to users at no charge. As of now, theyre featuring over 50 templates specifically for budgeting. The Excel spreadsheets range from tracking money spent, to organizing tax expenses, and even to large family budgeting. All can be used in Microsofts Excel program.

Creating, tracking, maintaining, and tweaking a budget isnt easy, said TemplateHaven spokesperson Mary Flynn. We provide these templates that are already set up to help you handle all of that. For most of them, its simply a matter of entering in numbers, and the spreadsheet does the rest for you.

Academic, personal, business, and loan budgeting templates are all offered at no charge to anyone. Each one is coded in Excel to process the inputted numbers and create tracking graphs, math formula answers, and more.

Its not a personal accountant, said Flynn. But its a no-cost alternative for those who just want a simpler way to track their spending and create a budget. We have options for individual budgets, like vacation planning, and long-term spreadsheets for family planning for the whole year.

Along with budgeting tools, TemplateHaven offers educational planners, health trackers, and new 2015 calendars. Each is pre-coded and can be used separately from the internet for ease and privacy.

Flynn adds that the goal of the templates is to help people track their own budget while still being in complete control. You dont have to worry about a third party messing something up, or hackers gaining access. Its completely yours.

To browse and download the newest budgeting tools and templates, visit TemplateHaven.com.

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Brightlane Homes, Inc. Acquires Portfolio of 375 Single-Family Houses

Columbia, South Carolina (PRWEB) December 23, 2014

Brightlane Homes, Inc. (Brightlane) launched these days, the current purchase of a well-seasoned profile of 375 single-family homes, carrying out and non-performing notes used by RECA, Limited Partnership (the RECA Portfolio). The full total transaction price, including the assumption of financial obligation, is roughly $ 12.3 million. The transaction involved the change regarding the RECA Portfolio for Brightlane common stock and presumption of RECA Portfolio financial obligation.

The exchange brings into the shareholding of Brightlane, Mr. Tom Reaves and Mr. David Campbell, several seasoned nationwide people whom trust Brightlanes long-lasting growth technique for the acquisition of formerly-foreclosed, real-estate Owned (REO) property, performing and non-performing loans, therefore the restoration and repositioning of the properties and financial loans, for the intended purpose of providing domestic domiciles for sale to reduced and moderate-income purchasers using a Lease/Purchase Option enterprize model.

Colin Hill, Director of Brightlane Homes noted, We are many pleased with the effective purchase of this RECA Portfolio. It’s an honor to lover with Tom Reaves and David Campbell who will be successful industry frontrunners with long-term track records. Tom and Davids vision syncs completely with Brightlane’s outlook regarding single-family house business. Our company is looking forward to working closely with them. This purchase and partnership further strengthens our objective, as Brightlane Homes intends to be a path for residence ownership with a cutting-edge lease to own design becoming launched at the beginning of 2015.”

“The RECA Portfolio is a superb profile,” stated Tom Reaves, a founding key and basic lover in RECA, restricted Partnership. “We personally chosen each residential property into the Portfolio and have professionally serviced and maintained all of them with a permanent view. We are excited that people will participate in the long term overall performance regarding the Company plus the Portfolio as considerable shareholders in Brightlane Homes.”

The RECA Portfolio includes single-family residential properties, and performing and non-performing notes. Properties into the Portfolio are geographically dispersed across 23 states, aided by the biggest concentration located in the Southeastern U.S. Sixty-one percent associated with the Portfolio is located in vermont and sc. The doing and non-performing notes tend to be owner-financed, land agreement, installment agreement or agreement for deed instruments, which is why the root real property deeds take place because of the vendor through to the owner-financed records are retired. The owner-financed records contained in the RECA Portfolio tend to be well-seasoned, with on average roughly 4.3 many years of repayment history, and a typical staying term of around 14 many years.

The acquisition ended up being finished with the transfer of this RECA Portfolio towards the Brightlane RECA Trust (the Trust), a Delaware statutory trust created specifically to hold the RECA Portfolio. Brightlane RECA LP may be the useful owner of the Trust. Brightlane no. 1 LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Brightlane Homes, Inc., could be the 99.99% owner of Brightlane RECA LP.

About Brightlane Homes, Inc.

Brightlane Homes, located in Columbia, sc is a genuine property acquisition and management organization that looks to acquire, renovate volume single-family housing and distressed and non-performing domestic mortgage loans with the goal to rent inexpensive single-family housing and eventually provide financing turn-key to its clients at inexpensive costs. Brightlane houses seeks to obtain single-family domiciles in volume at discount rates in strategic places, renovating them to the qualified Property Standards, and leasing and handling these with maximum performance. The key principle of Brightlane Homes should supply a pathway for residence ownership to consumers with financial restrictions as well as deliver functional expertise and a desire for operational excellence that Brightlane thinks its client the long term home-owner deserves.

State of the Union Response from NCPA Experts

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) January 21, 2015

National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) public policy experts provide their insights below on the presidents State of the Union proposals.

Taxes and Employment: NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal

— Obamas middle class economics means paying others bills.

Redistributing income and promoting middle class dependence on government was the recurring theme in last nights State of the Union address. During a time when the labor force participation rate is at its lowest in decades, a more important matter should be getting people back to work and policies to encourage long-term investments in jobs. But Obamas version of middle class economics was more about paying peoples bills with other peoples money and less about fostering job creation and income growth.

— Changing the tax code, not tax credits, is the answer to married couples woes.

In an appeal to the middle class, Obama proposed a $ 500 second earner credit for married households where both spouses work. He admits that two-earner couples face high costs associated with both of them working, including costs of transportation and child care. While he has the right premise, the solution is wrong. The marginal tax rate on a second-earner spouse (particularly in families where one spouse far outearns the other), is much higher and punitive for second earners. This would not be the case where an unmarried couple was living together and filing separate returns. The real solution? Forget the tax credit and change the tax code so that the marginal tax rate for a married couple is the same as the rate for an unmarried couple.

Imposing higher costs on employers will hurt employees and discourage hiring.

— Employers are already faced with additional costs of hiring thanks to Obamacare and various minimum wages around the country, but president proposed mandatory paid sick leave for private firms. These additional costs to hiring will make employers less likely to hire. Instead, why not let firms offer packages of benefits that are tailored to the needs of their firm and employees? For instance, reducing the number of paid sick days provided in exchange for a monetary bonus, or a reduced wage in exchange for comp time.

Health: NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick

— Employees will end up paying the costs for paid sick leave.

The President emphasized the plight of the 43 million American workers who do not have paid sick leave. Many of them feel they cannot afford to take a sick day to convalesce after an illness or to care for a sick child. He proposes to mandate that employers provide seven days of paid sick leave to workers each year. The president didnt mention that an estimated 100 million workers who have paid sick leave likely dont get seven days annually. He also didnt mention his own advisor, Jonathan Gruber, has research showing workers themselves wind up paying the cost of mandatory benefits through lower wages. Thus, if employers are forced to provide seven paid days off work for every worker, employers will adjust pay to compensate for the cost. This will inhibit pay raises, it will impact paid vacation days. The president should have called for expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to every worker, allowing workers to set aside funds for medical needs. The president could have also proposed to allow workers to use HSAs to compensate for income lost to sick days. Currently workers who have an HSA can use funds from the account to replace income lost due to sick days. However, this is considered a non-medical use and exposed the worker to a penalty of 20 percent plus ordinary income taxes.

— Mandating health insurance coverage is limiting options, lowering wages.

The President touted the fact that millions more people are now covered through employer plans, and the state or federal health exchanges. Yet, research has shown that the exchange subsidies will cause employers to drop coverage. Moreover, firms are cutting back workers hours to avoid having to provide them with health benefits. Obamas own advisor Jonathan Gruber has research showing workers themselves pay the cost of mandatory benefits in lower wages. Many of these newly covered individuals were not allowed to pick the coverage of their own choosing. The PPACA contains structural flaws that will have to be reformed. The NCPA has proposed solutions that would correct the problems.

— Medicaid expansion is making it harder for enrollees to find doctors.

About 6 million additional people are now covered through Medicaid expansion. Yet, many of them are finding it difficult to find doctors willing to work for the paltry fees state Medicaid programs pay doctors who treat Medicaid enrollees. Moreover, the NCPA has outlined that states have alternatives to expanding Medicaid that will assist low-income residents access private coverage for very low fees. Obamas own advisor Jonathan Gruber has research that found 50% to 75% of new Medicaid enrollees from past expansions were those who dropped private coverage.

— Health care reform should strengthen consumer control of medical dollars.

The president is correct that healthcare inflation is as low as it has been in many years. The reason is because an estimated 32 million Americans either have Health Savings Accounts or Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Million more have high-deductible plans. The average deductible in an employer plan is now around $ 1000 double that for a family plan. When more people have some skin in the game and control more of their medical dollars, doctors and hospitals behave competitively. The president and Congress can build on this cost-conscious behavior. President Obama should make good on his pledge to work with Republicans when they send him bills to reform flaws in the PPACA, and reform the U.S. health care system.

— Our veterans deserve better health care, suited to their needs.

The president is correct that every veteran deserves access to high-quality healthcare when they return. We should do more; the progress has been in adequate to fulfill this promise. Access to quality medical care for our nations veterans is inadequate compared to the need. The VA fails to curb suicide risks, for example. The VA has been plagued by fraud, waste and mismanagement. The system is failing those with post-traumatic stress, mental disorders and traumatic brain injuries. The President should have discussed how his administration would correct these deficiencies. The NCPA has solutions to assist with these problems.

— Expanding personalized medicine calls for more competition in healthcare.

The president’s proposal to expand personalized medicine is laudable. However, the best way to expand personalized medicine is to boost competition in healthcare. His Administration has routinely championed a top-down approach to medical innovation. They believe that engineering can devise the optimal approach to treating disease. Yet, innovation is best achieved in a competitive marketplace where providers compete to find a better solution. Providers doctors and hospitals can only achieve this in a marketplace where they are competing to attract consumers patronage when patients control their own health care dollars.

Education and Energy: NCPA Senior Research Fellow Lloyd Bentsen IV

— Free College puts at $ 70 billion burden on taxpayers.

Instituting free college so that students do not incur more debt only shifts the costs to taxpayers.

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Ca Mortgage Prices Combine Before ECB Announcement

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

relationship markets went for a wild ride yesterday as hearsay of a leak regarding the European Central Bank statement and development of a rate cut by the Bank of Canada caused an increase in volatility. With that information coming in, and areas not necessarily understanding how to respond, there clearly was quite a mix in rate sheets among lenders yesterday, with several showing higher rates although some were improved. Because of the end of the time, both national and Ca home loan prices consolidated to moderately greater averages as markets ready for todays huge development. California full-service home loan company, Blue Home Loans, Inc., has been helping clients to gain the absolute most of cost savings on their home loans for many years and now takes a review of the current home loan rate trends and gives some guidance for people who have home loan programs for not too distant future.

The home loan organization takes a glance at the report published by home loan and real estate news website, Mortgage Information routine, that was published this January 21, 2015. This report explains, home loan rates relocated averagely higher an average of these days. Recently large volatility in economic markets goes on driving stratified pricing techniques. Which is a long way of stating that various loan providers tend to be modifying prices by different quantities, or even in different guidelines. For-instance, various lenders actually offered enhanced rates these days for a few scenarios while various other loan providers had been a lot higher a lot of today’s volatility revolved around unexpected headlines concerning global main financial institutions. In general, the marketplace’s focus is on the European Central Bank (ECB) because’s expected to announce a quantitative easing package the next day morning. Possible details of that program had been released today. This made for the original increase in marketplace volatility. It absolutely was exacerbated by another shock from Bank of Canada, which revealed an interest rate slashed not even thirty minutes following the ECB leak.

Blue Home Loans explains that while yesterdays rates had been all over the place, bond areas will surely get a much better picture of where you can get from right here after todays upcoming ECB statement. This would eventually clear-up issue of if some sort of quantitative easing system is going to be put into destination and just what that will indicate for U.S. mortgage prices. The rumor swirling yesterday was that reducing program will, undoubtedly, get into effect, but investing is to an inferior degree than expected. While this may or is almost certainly not true, the other particulars associated with the program will most likely play a big part in identifying whether domestic mortgage rates may benefit or perhaps hindered by such a course in Europe.

The business in addition notes that perhaps the fallout from the statement is fundamentally good or detrimental to long haul domestic home loan price trends, it will probably take the time for economic areas to consume the knowledge, thus consumers should expect most unpredictability for mortgage prices inside hours as well as days following big news. Those people who are averse for this type of volatility should you will need to lock in their particular rates prior to the development hits and areas start to react. Yesterdays shutting price sheets revealed California mortgage rates which are still based on the least expensive amounts noticed in the last 20 months, so those that wish secure can feel great about performing this.

Those who want to wait things on should really be ready for the worst instance situation and rapidly secure if it seems that prices are headed inside wrong way and the threat grows way too high. Prospective borrowers will also need to get things going with their mortgage programs as soon as possible, since prices are generally presently on lowest levels that they will take quite a while (if an ECB QE program does not pan on) or better rates should be readily available quickly (if it will). California borrowers who wish to make certain that they take advantage of the most readily useful Ca home loan prices in 2015 will find that they can rely on the home loan professionals at Blue Home Loans, Inc. discover them top rates and home loan programs due to their unique financial situation and mortgage objectives. The Blue Mortgages web site states,

We make finding that loan easy because we’ve nearly all loan program readily available, no matter what the form of mortgage you are interested in. Whether you are working with bad credit, foreclosure, personal bankruptcy, or low credit scores, we could allow you to. It takes only us 5 minutes to obtain the right system that suits your preferences.”

For more information on how Blue Home Loans can help California home loan consumers get authorized for their house acquisition loan or refinance rapidly, kindly check out BlueHomeLoans.com or telephone call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced home loan expert.

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