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Does Bernie Sanders Understand He’s About To Abolish The Credit Card Industry
I came across something in Salon which, even for there, seemed to me to be a very odd thing to be celebrating. Which is a speech Bernie Sanders gave in which he threatened to pretty much kill off the entire credit card industry. That isn’t, of course …
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Lending Club Opens to Retail Investors in New Jersey and Oregon
“We’ve democratized access to that asset class since 2007, and last year we expanded availability to 14 new states, allowing many of the 92 million Americans (or 29% of the U.S. population) in those states to begin investing in consumer credit. We’re …
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A Main Street Guide To Navigating The 2016 Wall Street Meltdown
Volatility is increasing and credit spreads are widening sharply as investors retreat from risk, creating pain for those who hold low-rated debts. Investors that ventured …. Energy represents about 4% of loan portfolios at the largest banks. In some …
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