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Fighting the debt trap of triple-digit interest rate payday loans
Payday loans are supposed to be a short-term quick fix for those who can’t get traditional credit. But the loans are rarely actually short-term, and borrowers frequently need to take out a second loan to pay off the first. Special correspondent Andrew …
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Why are millennials tapping payday loans and pawn shops?
A joint study from PwC and George Washington University found that 28 percent of college-educated millennials (ages 23-35) have tapped short-term financing from pawn shops and payday lenders in the last five years. Thirty-five percent of these …
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Payday Lenders Are Changing the Game Ahead of a U.S. Crackdown
The agency, which hasn’t finalized the details, says the rules will stop borrowers from taking out short-term loans they can’t afford and racking up fees week after week to buy more time. Lenders say the CFPB will kill off payday advances and similar …
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6 Most Popular Tax Deductions
That’s an increase of 30 percent since 2010, and a long way from when the first returns were e-filed in 1986: That year, just five tax preparers cranked out a total of 25,000 electronic returns, according to the IRS. As Americans fire … For tax …
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With Student Loan Debt Reaching Crisis Level, the NFCC Aims to Help
… and preventing them from buying homes, purchasing cars, getting married and starting families. It’s even causing many people to put off saving for retirement, which can have long-term ramifications – not only for their own personal situation but …
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3 Top Stocks for Retirees to Buy
Investors in their golden years should be searching for income-producing stocks that offer good long-term growth prospects, and come with a lower-than-average level of risk. Companies with those characteristics in place tend to have strong competitive …
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Why some Americans are using 8-year loans to buy fancier cars
Personal finance and car-buying experts, meanwhile, generally caution against the loans, which lower payments but mean more interest and finance charges. “We always tell [customers] that this is marathon, not a … For now, however, they remain a …
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2016 Small Business Financing Trends: What You Need to Know
… exploring bootstrapping as an option. A recent study by invoice factoring company BlueVine found that 75 percent of American small business owners rely on personal finances as their primary source of business funding, and 83 percent overall have …
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A chink of light at the end of the emerging market tunnel
Optimists also point to the exceptional long-term potential of Asia, which accounts for about more than two-thirds of emerging markets, based on the MSCI Emerging Markets index, and the need for long-term Australian investors to position portfolios …
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Looking for a job? Monster Employment Index gives you latest online employment
“People long for different kinds of experiences. If they get them as a gift, they ….. Online shopping, wearable tech, digital money, constant beeping mobiles and a pursuit of job satisfaction over salaries by co-workers may challenge and push your …
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Researchers at Oppenheimer Reconfirmed their Outperform rating for Fifth Third
The Company’s subsidiary, Fifth Third Bank, provide a range of financial products and services to the retail, commercial, financial, governmental, educational and medical sectors, and credit products, such as credit cards, installment loans, mortgage …

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
Alternately, “taking out a debt consolidation installment loan can raise your score by moving balances from the high-score-impacting revolving type of debt (credit cards) to a low-score-impacting installment loan,” Paperno said. “Additionally, an open …
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P2P Loans: A Future Disaster?
Despite some credit issues, Prosper was able to fund an $ 18,000 loan at an interest rate of 25% per year, to be repaid in 60 monthly installments of $ 502.07. Whether a … “Good” borrowers receive credit limit increases, while “bad” borrowers get cut off.
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Bank of America’s Results Rise as Trading Holds Up
… Fed moving interest rates higher because of its large portfolio of U.S. mortgages and other loans. In the third quarter, the bank calculated it would earn an extra $ 4.5 billion in net interest income a year if both short- and long-term rates rise …
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Doing your duty to advance MLK’s dream
This week, to honor Dr. King and his message, some job seekers who have a keen interest in working with low-income families, at-risk youths and other disadvantaged people may be eligible for a long-term project that can help build job skills and even …
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Bank rate-setter wary of rising debt
An economist has used his maiden public speech as a Bank of England rate-setter to warn of threats to long-term growth and interest rate levels. Gertjan Vlieghe, who joined the Bank’s monetary policy committee as an external … The Bank’s own snapshot …
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Jonathan de Guzman could make Swansea return on loan – sources
De Guzman has not featured for Napoli this season and the club are willing to let him move on as he does not figure in their long-term plans. On Wednesday he posted a picture on his Instagram account after having surgery along with what appeared to be …
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How to Avoid Used Car Loan Gotchas
Naturally, rates can vary a lot, based on how old the car is, how long the loan term is, and the buyer’s credit. According to Experian … For example, Wells Fargo recently offered used car loan rates as low as 3.57% for purchases from a dealer, but …
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Immigrants Build Credit Histories from Scratch
When Vishnu Bethalem, 38, arrived in Phoenix from his native India 10 years ago to start a new life and career as an IT engineer, the concept of credit was as new to him as the Arizona desert. In India, he recalls, most purchases were with personal …
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The Pros and Cons of a Secured Credit Card
Liana Moran’s secured credit card story is becoming more common. After graduating from Georgia Southern University in May of 2014, she landed a paid internship and decided it was time to get a credit card. For starters, the apartment she wanted to rent …
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What It Really Costs to Use Payday Loans for Holiday Shopping
For people who don’t have credit cards at their disposal, it’s easy to see how a short-term, small-dollar loan might be appealing: Borrow enough to get some gifts before Christmas, and cover that loan as soon as your next paycheck comes. Payday lenders …
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Think student loans are millennials’ biggest problem? Think again
Interest rates can be high on credit cards, compared to something like a personal loan, and there’s often a temptation to spend beyond your means because you can put off paying in full by making just the minimum payments. Allowing … No matter what …
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Best Places to Put Short-Term Savings
The continued low interest rates that have saved you money on a mortgage or student loan refinance have a downside: Cash that is stashed away in safe places — savings accounts, CDs, money markets — is probably not earning a notable return. … (For …
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15 things Bernie Sanders said about Wall Street, and whether or not they make any sense
Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that breaking up the top banking institutions is an awful idea. The real problem with all the huge banks isn’t they’re too big to fail, it’s that … Sanders desires to change the credit rating agencies into non-profits. Up until now, we’ve seen …
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Just how Bad Could Car-Mart’s Credit Losses Get?
Today, these are generally dealing with some uncharacteristic credit losses which are driven by a variety of competitive intensity, weak wholesale/scrap rates, and execution dilemmas. I like the administration team and are doing additional research assessing the …
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The Recession Brought On By Minimal Oil Prices
The evidence is showing up throughout the usual means: slowing production growth, slumping purchasing-manager indexes, widening credit spreads, decreasing business profits, dropping rising prices expectations, receding capital financial investment and rising stocks. But …
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Does Bernie Sanders Understand He’s About To Abolish The Credit Card Industry
I came across something in Salon which, even for there, seemed to me to be a very odd thing to be celebrating. Which is a speech Bernie Sanders gave in which he threatened to pretty much kill off the entire credit card industry. That isn’t, of course …
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Lending Club Opens to Retail Investors in New Jersey and Oregon
“We’ve democratized access to that asset class since 2007, and last year we expanded availability to 14 new states, allowing many of the 92 million Americans (or 29% of the U.S. population) in those states to begin investing in consumer credit. We’re …
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A Main Street Guide To Navigating The 2016 Wall Street Meltdown
Volatility is increasing and credit spreads are widening sharply as investors retreat from risk, creating pain for those who hold low-rated debts. Investors that ventured …. Energy represents about 4% of loan portfolios at the largest banks. In some …
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